Automatic Holographic Image Transfer & Cold Foil Stamping Machine

Automatic Holographic Image Transfer & Cold Foil Stamping Machine

The automatic holographic image transfer machine adopts a large arc suction conveying platform with multiple technologies to make the paper conveying positioning accurate and the imprint transfer peeling stability high. The paper can be positioned and transported stably without relying on the film roll to guide the paper, greatly improving the stability of the imprint transfer process.

Product Details

Automatic Holographic Image Transfer & Cold Foil Stamping Machine

C2 image transfer machine


This equipment can be connected with an automatic screen printing machine to form a new multi-purpose production line, which integrates wrinkle and snowflake, UV printing and solidification, aluminium electrolyte cold-pressing, laser transfer, etc.    

It breaks the traditional process of hot-press transfer of electrochemical aluminium foil, uses new hot-press technology to transfer electrochemical aluminium foil, and working together with the screen printer to achieve fine lines, precise gradient network points, color blocks and other metal decoration effects. Through the process characteristics of the screen printer, it can produce cold-foiling with relief and convex feeling.

 It breaks the traditional process of laser effect on packaging by using layers of coated laser film. It uses brand-new imprint transfer technology. The holographic transfer by UV transfer varnish and laser film can make the full mold print or even specific location to have the laser effect.To save cost, the laser film can then be recycled and reused.                             


1. It can be connected with fully automatic UV varnishing machine, sheet-fed gravure printing machine, offset printing machine and screen printing machine to form a multi-purpose production line.

2. It has a laser pattern imprinting transfer function and an independent UV light curing function. When the imprinting transfer function is not required, the laser film rewinding and unwinding system can be stopped and the conveying system and UV light curing system are retained to make the equipment a UV light curing machine. It can carry out UV ink light solid drying and UV oil light solid drying for the printed matter.

3. Using a variety of automation equipment, microcomputer touch screen operation, without manual monitoring, only need to set the process parameters to run automatically.

4. The winding and unwinding device adopts high-precision digital display, and has a fully automatic tension control system to make the winding and unwinding with high precision and stable and smooth operation.

5. It also uses a mechanical manipulator film roll transposition device, which makes the film roll easily and quickly switched from the winding position to the unwinding position, greatly improving production efficiency, reducing manual operation intensity, and improving safety performance.

6. The unwinding and unwinding device is equipped with a pneumatic positioning film connection table, which makes the film roll replacement and film connection easy and accurate, and the registration is accurate.

Technical Parameters



Max. Paper Size(mm)


Min. Paper Size(mm)


Paper Thickness(g/m2)


Max.Working Speed(p/h)


Total Power(kw)


Total Weight(kg)


Exterior Dimension(mm)


Printing Solution:

1.  Automatic cylinder screen printing machine+holographic image transferring & cold foil stamping machine+stacker (compared with offset printing, screen printing+ holographic image transfer, the results is more bright and 3D  which is hard to copy).


2.  Offset printing machine+holographic image transferring machine+stacker


( holographic image transferring machine work with offset printing machine, its max. speed can reach6000 p/h).

Printing Samples:


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