Automatic Hot Stamping and Heat Transfer Machines

- Jan 21, 2019-

Automatic Hot Stamping and Heat Transfer Machines


The machine is multifunctional rotary multicolor stamping machine. It is mainly used to stamp the patterns and words on flat plastic bottle cap, cylindrical glass tube, cylindrical wine bottle cap, tube product, lighter, rubber tube, lipstick, flat surface and so on. Featuring with easy operation, accuracy positioning, highly automation and fast in printing. 


1. The machine can be designed with structure of stamping station and heat transfer stations.

2. The innovative transmission system is very steady in passing the bottles, easy to shift between different types of products, easy to operate.

3. Controlled by PLC and touch screen display, with kinds of monitor system to ensure the machine running stable and safe at high speed.

4. According to the characteristics of products , this machine can be equipped with kinds of functions such as automatic loading and unloading, orientation, non-printing without bottles, etc.

5. All components are from German, USA and Japan to ensure the machine quality and stability of printing.

6. Three languages such as Chinese, English and Spanish supported.

7. We can customize machine according to the special products.