Do you know the process flow of the sapphire vibration grinding machine

- May 09, 2018-

Sapphire substrate have the characteristics of high hardness and brittleness, sapphire, vibration grinding machine is very easy to broken when grinding, edge collapse, produce scratches, etc., so more difficult to achieve high precision. The process of sapphire substrate polishing machine is also very precise and delicate.

Actual use of a variety of chips, are made from crystal bar cutting processing, inside with circular slice machine or wire cutting machine will cutting into crystalline semiconductor crystal rods, there will always be changed for sapphire, vibration grinding machine cutting conditions, cutting disc deviation in thickness and roughness, etc. If the cutting condition is not suitable, it will also cause a deeper damage layer. The surface removal in the wafer polishing process is very small, so it is necessary to use the sapphire vibration grinding machine to effectively improve the bending, flatness and parallelity of the wafer, and reduce the thickness of the damage layer.

The process flow of sapphire vibration grinding machine is:

Step 1: blanking - grinding the periphery - chamfering - inclined surface grinding.

2. The sapphire substrate is pasted onto the disc -- grinding plane -- manual cleaning -- inclined surface polishing.

3. Third step, mirror grinding -- manual cleaning -- grinding plane -- manual cleaning.

4. Step 4, the bottom plate of sapphire substrate -- manual cleaning -- polishing -- cleaning -- check the surface quality.

The process flow of the above sapphire vibration grinding machine can be seen that the grinding and polishing of sapphire substrate and the cleaning are all carried out step by step through rigorous procedures. These are all due to the special material of the sapphire vibration grinding machine.