Grinding machine application industry

- May 09, 2018-

Vibration grinding machine, three - dimensional vibration grinding machine, drum grinding and polishing machine main application industry.

Bearing industry

1. Suitable for the quick removal of the oxidized skin of the rolling surface of the bearing ring after heat treatment;

2. It is suitable for stamping, the chamfering and polishing of the combination type iron holding device. For the copper holding device, it is completely replaced by the original acid washing, chamfer, burr and polishing not only improve the product quality, but also improve the working environment and meet the environmental requirements of the country.

3. It is suitable for surface polishing of bearing cylindrical roller, tapered roller, spherical roller and needle roller, which greatly improves the surface roughness and brightness.

Auto parts industry.

1. Applicable to all kinds of automobile stamping parts, gears, die-casting aluminum shell parts, casting copper pieces, crankshaft, camshaft chamfering and deburring.

2. It is suitable for the surface polishing of various kinds of automobile engines, diesel engines, various plunger parts of oil injection pumps, oil valve coupling, piston ring, crankshaft and camshaft.

Powder industry:

1. Applicable to the chamfering, deburring and polishing of various sizes of powder metallurgy (including ndfeb) materials.

Coinage industry:

1. It is applicable to the polishing of gold COINS, silver COINS and gold COINS of various sizes in the coinage industry.

Hardware industry:

1. Applicable to the chamfer, deburring and polishing of various metal stamping parts such as industrial chain wheel and chain.

Textile industry:

1. It is suitable for the chamfer, burr and polishing of various parts of textile machine and spinning thread and cloth.

Aviation engine industry:

1. Suitable for aircraft engine blades and marks; Chamfering, deburring, polishing.

Jewelry industry:

1. Suitable for polishing all kinds of gold, silver, platinum, alloy and gem jewelry.

Medical devices:

1. It is suitable for all kinds of stainless steel and alloy steel medical equipment chamfer, deburring and polishing.

Such as medical surgical instruments, endoscopic parts, artificial cobalt alloy joints, artificial gold heart valve, needle, needle tube.

Electrical components:

1. Suitable for the chamfer, burr and polishing of various relay copper pieces, silver and Taiwan gold contacts.

Die casting industry:

1. Bicycle handle. Vertical pipe, and various zinc and gold, aluminum alloy pressure running, deburring, polishing.

2. Glasses industry, spectacle frame, spectacle frame.