Hot Gold Printing Machine for Paper Sheet

- Dec 10, 2018-

1,Hot stamping die cutting machine is a special equipment for hot pressing printing, indentation cardboard, leather, plastic and other products.

2, suitable for the thermal printing of various paper products with electrochemical aluminum, can also be used as die-cutting, indented cardboard boxes, indentations of boxes, die-cutting machines. This machine can also perform hot stamping on various high-grade fine prints to obtain three-dimensional exquisite and beautiful packaging and decoration products.

3. The machine is controlled by a chip microprocessor. The electrochemical aluminum foil feeding foil roller is used to set the length and the step-by-step parameters respectively, so that the electrochemical aluminum can be most effectively utilized. The purpose of this model is to ensure that the system operates reliably and reliably, so that the machine can be easily and simply maintained.