Polishing method of zinc alloy for vibration grinding machine

- May 09, 2018-

Vibration grinding machine - zinc alloy, more durable, widely used in making fences, handrails and so on. Zinc alloy after polishing, the brightness is good, can be used in the faucet hand. Next, we will look at the polishing method of zinc alloy, the characteristics of zinc alloy and the use of zinc alloy polish.

Vibration polishing machine - zinc alloy polishing method.

Vibration grinding machine is selected, and the abrasive is high alumina ceramic polishing stone. Before undergoing mechanical polishing, must first to test the quality of die castings, inappropriate mold design and casting technology can cause surface defects, such as cracks, subcutaneous blister, porosity, crack fault, this is the corrosion potential of source and one of the main factors influencing the coating quality, casting quality is unqualified, shall not enter the polishing process, dense, smooth, bright and clean, no cold, no pores. Should pay attention to when polishing die casting surface detail and the characteristics of the internal organization is relatively loose, if threw the surface dense layer and loose layer, can appear the phenomenon of the effection the MAO, which seriously affect the electrodeposited coating binding force, and zinc alloy hardness is low, so the zinc die casting, should avoid to use emery cloth wheel grinding. If the surface is rough, filament and the wound must be polished, appropriate USES low speed (1200 ~ 1400 r/min) and the smaller the diameter of the grinding wheel (250 mm) or less, the operation is avoid by all means is too hard and not to throw away surface dense layer. The appropriate speed (1400 ~ 1800r/min), casting material (whole cloth or felt wool) and wheel diameter (less than 300mm) should be selected in the polishing operation of the cloth wheel. If the speed is too fast, too hard, lack of cast wheel polishing paste, can make the parts surface to the naked eye is not easy to distinguish point of fine linen, and wrinkles, adornment sex is affected not only, also can cause bubbly desquamate. When operating, pay attention to the light drop, after polishing the parts as soon as possible electroplating, the placement time too long, will affect the coating appearance and adhesion.

The characteristics of zinc alloy polishing.

Zinc alloy polishing using its unique magnetic field distribution, have the strong stable magnetic induction effect, make the magnetic steel needle and artifacts grind, all-round, multi-angle to fully achieve rapid derusting, go to dead Angle, deburring batch front to remove traces of oxidation film and sintering, and so on. In particular, it has a more significant effect on the complex shape, porous crack, internal and external threads. Zinc alloy polishing machine does not damage the workpiece surface and does not affect the precision of the workpiece. The variable frequency is adjusted to meet all kinds of polishing requirements. The voltage, current, frequency and time can be monitored. It is simple and clear. The polishing process is automatic without manual intervention.

Chemical polish for zinc alloy die casting.

Zinc alloy die casting chemical polishing agent is specifically for special-shaped complex artifacts, is not easily accessible by mechanical polishing workpiece and developed chemical polishing agent, widely used in the surface of the zinc alloy die casting fast out of the light. The zinc alloy die castings treated with this agent can quickly obtain a good bright appearance, and also have a considerable corrosion resistance. The polished surface can be used for polishing, spraying, electrophoresis and chromification. The formulation of zinc alloy polishing agent is chromic acid anhydride, hydrofluoric acid, H12 brightener etc.