T-Shirt Printing Machine Pneumatic Double Station Heat Press Machine

- Feb 19, 2019-

T-Shirt Printing Machine Pneumatic Double Station Heat Press Machine Basic Info

Plate: Lithography Printing

Color & Page: Multi-Colour Printing Press

Printing Speed: 6.7CPI

Certification: CE Certificate

Plate Type: T Shirt Printing Machine

Automatic Grade: Automatic

Usage: Fabric, T-Shirt, Metal, Rhinestones, Glasses

Transport Package: Foam Inside, Hard Carton Outside

Type: Ink Jet

Structure: Platen Press

Species: Intermittent

Condition: New

Supply Ability: 1000 Set/Sets Per Month 1000

Operation procedures  

please note:Users should operate the machine with ground wire connected for safety!

1.Plug in, turn on the power switch, the power indicator lightened.

2.Set the thermostat to the temperature needed (Normally 120-200ÂșC),set  the timer to the  needed.(Normally 5~20Second),then wait for until the temperature has reached the preset temperature.

3.Put the cloth on the silica gel plate of the working table, cover the printing paper(please note the right surface of the paper).

4.Press the start switch,you will see the machine is working and the time is counting down .

5.When the time come down to over, the heating plate will raise automatically.you will find the beautiful and attractive effect!

6..If  it  is cold-ripping of the transfer paper, please use

blackboard wiper to rub against the whole transfer paper, wait for

5-10 seconds, then rip off the transfer paper. If it is the hot-

ripping of the transfer paper, you can rip off immediately after