The function characteristic of vibration grinding machine

- May 09, 2018-

The function characteristic of vibration grinding machine.

Function of vibration grinding machine:

Improve grinding and polishing effect;

Grease and clean.

Anti-rust cover light

Smooth and slow, increase the grinding stone loss.

Hardening of the water quality

Hardened exterior oxide film.

The vibration grinding machine is secondary to the material of the workpiece as a secondary thinking element, which is chosen according to its use.

Vibration grinding machine: the advantages of saving manpower capital, advance consumption efficiency, average grinding, can prevent the artificial deflashing or polishing due to the uneven force and form the product flatness or brightness difference, about minor artifacts and Angle, manual operation is not convenient, also can handle vibration grinding machine.

Select the elements of the vibration grinder.

Shape: the shape and size of the grinding stone are selected to choose the shape and size of the grinding stone. The grinding effect should be good, and the grinding stone can not be put into the workpiece.

Material: workpiece material. Hardness, the resolution of grinding stone material.

Detail: the roughness of the workpiece before processing and the appearance after processing.