UV Varnishing Machine

- Nov 07, 2018-

UV Varnishing Machine

CoatingUse: UV varnishing Machine (glazing machine/coating machine)is necessary to printing products after fine print. All kinds of paper printed matter treated by this machine are not only improving the smooth finish of surface, but also dampproof, dustproof, sunproof and wear-resistant of for the surface of printed matter. Especially after UV vanishing Processing. The effect is comparable to laminating, calendering treatment, and no film-droping, curly and back light defect. 


According to the difference of the coating handpiece, the UV varnishing machine divides into SGA model and SGC model. SGA model can't equip with the air-knife, it can't be suitable for the thin paper, only the thickness of paper is more than 200g. But the SGC can equip with the air-knife, it can suitable for the thin paper( 80g- 200g). 

There are IR drying system and UV drying system, so UV varnishing machine is suitable for UV oil, dull oil, injection oil, aqueous oiland so on. 

SGA model UV varnishing machine can be used together with calendering machine, also can be separately used in glazing, UV vanish and vacuum forming. 

SGA model UV varnishing machine adopts stepless speed-adjusting. It has a reasonable structure and is easy to operate. 

Adopting wire mesh belt, the drive belt has such characteristics as fire prevention, drafty structure and long service life. 

Reasonable internal structure can effectivey prevent ultraviolet rays from leaking.