Why does the adsorption dryer have a cold drying machine

- May 09, 2018-

Many users are in the process of understanding the adsorption type dryer to front person (freeze drying machine), adsorption dryer can reach a person completely unable to meet the requirements of dew point pressure, and 40 ° C - 70 ° C, in order to meet the instrument gas, gas spraying industry, power plant ash and so on a series of field need high quality compressed air.

Many people find at the same time, the air compressor station need to use the adsorption type dryer instead of freezing type dryer is compressed air drying process, but also need before adsorption dryer configuration freeze drying machine.

Why do you need a front cold dryer? In what situations?

We know that the person highest compressed air dew point will have to be up to 10 ° C - 3 ° C level, so I need to use adsorption dryer; As a matter of fact, in addition to the person who has been around 85% of the moisture in the compressed air, adsorption dryer just help them to remove the remaining 15%, is 15%, this is a person who will never be able to break through technical barriers, pneumatic equipment damage, leading to water production equipment, damage the production cost of product process, and so on a series of serious problems.

Front of the person, its purpose is to help the compressed air cooling, remove the first wave of liquid water, the adsorption type dryer drying effect to maximize, stable to achieve - 70 ° C pressure dew point.

Therefore, the function of the front cold dryer is not negligible; To get the ultimate dry compressed air, it is usually equipped with a freeze dryer before the adsorption dryer.