Automatic Sheet Screen Printing Machine Related Introduction

- May 09, 2018-

Automatic board screen printing machine allows the squeezer to knead ink and screen printing plate in the movement, transmission organization transmission power. Make silk screen printing and printing substrates constitute a stamping line, because the screen has a tension N1 and N2 for scraping plate force F2 to make silk screen plate except the embossing lines are not in touch with substrates, printing ink of the scraping board kneading force under the effects of formula one, through the mesh, from the movement of the stamping line printing on substrates. Silk-screen printing professional from time to time to carry out the process, from the traditional textile, clothing, packaging to the new kind of solar energy, such as glass, automatic screen printing machine PCB career transition from time to time to carry out, meanwhile the application in the field of development advance step by step the silk-screen printing from time to time move on to a new journey.

Fully automatic board screen printing machine is guiding the silk screen printing profession from handicraft, semi-automatic processing to automatic, precision machinery transition, to complete larger planning, higher level of product application. As one of the most important equipment of screen printing, the development of automatic glass screen printing machine plays an inestimable effect in this process. Open announced a higher power of screen printing machine, let the squeegee pressure, speed and viewpoints and many other parameters can be read immediately and can complete the SPC, automatic small screen printing machine printing up repeatedly when can repeat output according to the order from prepress to printing process can ensure accurate using yield data, silk screen printing is certain to be a bigger.