Full Automatic Volume To Coil Oven

- May 09, 2018-

The full automatic volume is composed of fan and suitable air duct which can operate at high temperature. The indoor temperature is even. Fine oven are widely used in the laboratory, laboratory, electronic communications, plastic, cable, electroplating, metal, photoelectric, plastic products, mould, shoes materials, spraying, printing, medical, aerospace, and institutions of higher learning, etc. The application is brief: the manipulation interface is humanized, most choose intelligent control system; There is no special training for operators, and the whole microcomputer system is operated automatically in the operation. Convenience of equipment: simply move the oven to the position where it needs to be placed, and the total power cord can be plugged into the machine. The oven also has full automatic volume to the roll screen printing machine, to the opening of the oven and electric thermostatic oven and so on.

Automatic volume of oven wind vane wheel out FengKouChu equipment stainless steel plate fin heat pipe line, the uniform wind, heating pipe external terminal in the oven, heating pipe in heating tube distance is 55 mm line permanent safety, avoid the cellular compact heat pipe connection caused by the lack of short circuit between phase line, avoid a potential risk. The heating tube terminal opening is in the back of the oven, avoiding the heat transfer to the electrical components caused by the opening of the top opening and reducing the service life of the electrical appliance. Equipped with air inlet and air outlet, discharging, from inside the oven turbid gas into the fresh air, reduce the oven commodity discharge turbid gas, make the surface of the goods colour more simple, and is equipped with air flow scheduling valve can at any time scheduling ventilation intrusive.