Full Automatic Volume To Roll Screen Printing Machine

- May 09, 2018-

Full automatic volume to the roll screen printing machine in the use of wire solder paste or adhesive tape to the PCB pad on a device. Fully automatic screen printing line can be divided into the winding screen printing machine, oblique arm silk-screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, silk-screen printing machine in the printing process is always there are all sorts of trouble problems, such as manual, semiautomatic all action, power lights, not left after printing seat action and so on. The first kind of fault phenomenon: semi-automatic without stepping on the foot switch and immediately action.

The reason for this kind of fault is that the foot switch is damaged or the foot switch is in the water, which leads to short circuit formation, and the other is the manual start button switch. The correction method is to replace the new switch, socket, button switch or disassemble to repair the damaged parts. Four - column screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine. It is mainly used in the electronic processing industry, printed circuit board's screen printing mark, the symbol of the instrument shell panel, the solder paste printing in the process of PCB processing. As a whole, high strength and high hardness channel, full-automatic plate printing press, vacuum suction pump, strong vacuum adsorption, ensure the accuracy of multicolor color.