Introduction Of Semi-automatic Screen Printing Machine

- May 09, 2018-

Semi-automatic screen printer printed directly in a way such as, with flat screen printing method on the flat glass first printed pictures, reoccupy is endowed with elastic silicone head, like stamp to absorb ink drawings from the glass, then pad printing to the special-shaped surface: another variety is direct screen printing color paper transfer printing, such as: silk screen printing, hot stamping, silk screen printing color paper and paper flowers pressure-sensitive transfer printing, silk screen printing color paper + solvent activation transfer printing. Semi-automatic screen printing machine has become the first category of the printing profession. Using a stainless steel screen with good conductivity, the electrostatic force between positive and negative electrode plates is used to push the powder ink through the printing plate to the surface of the substrate, without pressure printing.

The shape of the semi-automatic screen printing machine is different from the substrate, but it usually contains the input part of the substrate, the printing part, the drying part of the ink and the collecting part of the substrate. The printing part is made up of screen printing plate, electrode plate and high pressure attack equipment. Flat screen printing machine is the use of electrostatic force transfer in screen printing ink to printing surface way, this is a kind of touch printing method, made of conductive wire mesh plate, and the positive phase high voltage power supply; The negative pole is a metal plate parallel to the plate; The substrate is between two levels. When the UV curing machine is printed, the ink powder on the plate is positively charged when it goes through the mesh, and it is exposed to the printing surface by the negative charge, and then it can be formed by heating and other methods.