Knowledge Of Plane Screen Printing Machine

- May 09, 2018-

Flat screen printing press is using electrostatic force to transfer ink from screen printing to printing surface. Using conductive wire mesh for printing plate, with high voltage power supply; The negative pole is a metal plate parallel to the plate; The substrate is between two levels. When printing, the ink powder on the plate of the hole printing press is charged with positive charge through the mesh, and it is exposed to the printing surface by the negative charge, and then it can be formed by heating and other methods. This method is mainly used for high temperature substrate, such as steel plate and other printing. The screen printing machine is the representative printing equipment in the printing press, and the printing plate is a kind of screen which is made of silk and other materials.

The speed and yield of the plane screen printing press are relatively high. It is characterized by the installation of the screen in the roller and the ink in the roller. When the machine is working, the drum is rotated, and the rubber squeegee can quickly print the picture onto the printed material. The small print screen printing mechanism is made of silk, nylon, copper wire, steel wire or stainless steel wire. The printing principle of the screen printing press is originated from the ancient template printing. There are many forms, such as the stencil, the stencil and the screen printing. Screen printing began to select manual operation, as long as a version of the frame, a screen version and a template. Large plane screen printing press in the 1950s to complete mechanization and automation.