Large Screen Printing Press Printing Color Life

- May 09, 2018-

The large screen printing machine has realized the real meaning of a printing, without the printing plate, the full color image of the end, the rapid printing press replacement products. In organic glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood, leather, textile fabrics, copperplate paper were relatively flat soft and hard materials, such as black, arbitrary mixed and disorderly colour print all kinds of products such as color, color pictures, logos and text, do not need to plate making, tinted and messy sun board procedures, not to form the appearance of material damage. Since its launch, the product has been highly appraised by people from all walks of life. Many factory customers and wedding dress studios have been vying to purchase, and the number of customers is increasing.

Large screen printing presses can be printed on materials such as tough crystal, stone, metal and glass, and can be printed in soft leather, cloth, cotton and other materials. Semi-automatic screen printing presses can be printed on inorganic materials and can also be printed on volatile organic matter. Semi-automatic screen printing machine for raw materials with more and better compatibility, large-format printers, avoids the silk screen printing, water transfer printing, choose the problem of raw material, also can avoid the heat transfer of organic materials such as leather, cloth, cotton material damage problem. We cater to the diversified demands of the market, and the automatic screen printing function can provide more comprehensive production services for users. Large printing presses no longer use the printed form and method of preservation, which is no longer a simple manual operation and manual printing.