Performance Characteristics Of Screen Printing Machine

- May 09, 2018-

Screen printing machine, is a screen printing machine, belongs to the printing press. A printing machine is the general term for a machine or equipment used to produce printed matter. Can be divided into, flat screen printing machine, screen printing machine, automatic screen printing machine.

Then there are the following characteristics when using screen printing press:

1. Screen printing machine is a platform of flat screen, connected by hinge. When printing, some operations are done by hand. For example, it is necessary to do manual operation when scraping ink or returning ink. Such a feature is easy to compare, and no matter the kind of material, as long as the shape of the plane can be the screen printing press.

2. There is also a rotary screen printing machine, so when it is used at the time of printing, the screen version will be moved around once. In this way, the efficiency of production is greatly improved. And when printing, the accuracy of the brush should be very high. When used, the screen is mounted horizontally on the frame, so it can be moved up and down when used.