Roll The Silk Screen Printing Machine To Survive On Quality

- May 09, 2018-

The coil printing machine is a kind of equipment which can be used to leak solder paste or adhesive tape to PCB. It can be divided into vertical screen printing machine, oblique arm screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, four-post screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine. The first application is in the electronic plus operation, printed circuit board's silk seal symbol, the instrument shell panel's logo, the PCB processing process of solder paste printing and so on. The transmission power transmission organization, allows the movement of the scraping plate kneading inks and screen plate, screen plate and the substrates constitute a stamping line, because the screen has tension N1 and N2, force F2 scraping board, for back to stretch the silk screen plate except the embossed line are not in touch with substrates, printing ink of the scraping board kneading force under the action of F1, through the mesh, from the movement of the stamping line printing on substrates. The printing press also has rolls to the screen of the printing press, full automatic volume of the silk screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine.

Roll to roll printing machine packaging and printing, packaging homework first performance object is silk screen printing, screen printing technology unceasing development and utilization, will better efficiency in packaging decoration industry, contribute to packaging decoration industry prosper together, also bring a wider market for screen printing industry. Such as printing high-end packaging boxes, packaging bottles, cigarette packages and other aspects. Assumptions will be printed by screen printing process on the exterior of the large electric products bright screen, these large shell decoration products no matter in which market, customers will receive love, packaging advertising irreplaceable promoting effect. With the continuous opening of computer technology, various kinds of software are constantly appearing, especially the production of CDS of cultural entertainment, TV movies and various publications.