Screen Printing Presses Also Often Remove Dirt

- May 09, 2018-

There are different situations when cleaning the cylinder screen printing press. Because of the design structure of the screen printing machine, it can not be like cleaning the ordinary screen printing machine to place the dirt on the blotting paper. Of course, due to the rapid printing speed of screen printing presses, the possibility of ink drying in the mesh is relatively small. If this is the case, the first thing to do is to print the ink on the screen. Sometimes it's time to clear the bottom of the template. In this case, it is best to gently wipe the dirt off with a soft cloth, and be careful not to push too hard. The screen printing press should always remove dirt during the working process, which can prolong the service life of the screen printing machine.

Silk screen printing machine is a kind of screen printing machine, is also the most new type of printing equipment in modern printing enterprises. The screen printing press is more representative in the printing press, the accuracy of the adjustment directly affects the printing position precision of the substrate, so it is necessary to adjust the screen printing press. If it is not parallel between the guideway, the printing plate and the working platform, the screen printing machine cannot work. The adjustment of the parallel degree of the scraper to the platform, the adjustment of the rake Angle is generally within the range of 65-85 degrees, of course, it can be selected according to the need. The adjustment of printing pressure should be adjusted with printing plate and printing plate. The adjustment of the speed of scraping is generally adjusted by the adjustment handle of the stepless variable speed device to realize the adjustment of the whole working cycle, ensuring the speed of each link is consistent.