Why Use An Air Compressor Dryer

- May 09, 2018-

The use of compressed air has been widely applied to almost every industry, in many industries, from production to processing, the compressed air quality testing will need to use compressed air, also need to use all kinds of air compressor. So what's the effect of the air compressor dryer? Why use an air compressor dryer?

Effect of air compressor dryer.

Compressed air is needed in production through pipes to pneumatic equipment and gas, and compressed air usually contains impurities such as water, oil, dust, it comes from the air, if not handled, lose pipe, pneumatic equipment damage, resulting in a decline in product process and contact products.

So, need to configure the compressed air purification equipment (also called air compressor post-processing equipment) to the impurities in the compressed air purification, air compressor dryer equipment which is used to remove moisture. There are two kinds of air compressor dryer commonly used in the market, such as refrigerated drying machine and adsorption dryer.

Freeze-drying machine is used to cool and remove water by refrigeration technology. The adsorption dryer is dry by adsorbing the moisture in the compressed air through the adsorption material.

Compressed air standard

Generally speaking, if the gas is very small and almost no quality requirement, can be directly to the person who, in almost 90% of the domestic production, is the need to use the adsorption type dryer, adsorption dryer can pressure of compressed air dew point (compressed air water cut value) of 70 ° C to 40 ° C - standard. The person who can only achieve 10 ° C.

And national industrial standards is 20 ° C, this standard is formulated to minimize compressed air impurities of equipment loss, will be to minimize the harm of product of standard, is that most companies can achieve, because the adsorption dryer has been popular in the market.

The main function of air compressor dryer is to remove moisture from compressed air and maximize production stability.